Appointments and expansion of KEMA’s Supervisory Board

KEMA - 09/06/2010

KEMA has appointed three new members to its Supervisory Board. Michiel Boersma has joined as chairman successor, while Peter Terium and Pieter Trienekens are new members.

The appointments took effect during the General Shareholders Meeting in May with the support of the employees’ council. Kees Wiechers stepped down upon the end of his term as chairman, as did Rinse de Jong as member when his term ended. With these three new appointments, the Supervisory Board has been expanded by one additional person. This is in alignment with the growth and expansion of KEMA, such as in the field of gas.

The three new members have considerable management experience and knowledge about the energy sector. Michiel Boersma (1947) was active for more than twenty years at Shell, holding diverse managerial positions domestically and abroad before he joined the Executive Board at Essent in January 2003. He was chairman there from 1 July 2003 until 1 October 2009. In addition to being on the Supervisory Board at KEMA, Boersma is, among other things, also currently the chairman of the Supervisory Board at ProRail, a non-executive member of the board at Neste Oil Corporation (Finland) and chairman of the board at Prometheus Energy Corporation in Redmond, Washington, USA.
Peter Terium (1963) has been Chief Executive Officer of Essent since October 2009, and prior to that has held diverse positions at RWE, Schmalbach-Lubeca and KPMG. Pieter Trienekens (1950) began working at Gasunie in 1986 and has been a member of the Executive Board since July 2005. He is responsible for joint ventures and business development. Trienekens began his career at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs where he was responsible for energy policy.
The Supervisory Board comprises seven positions now with these three appointments. Thomas Cohn (former chairman of the Executive Board at Siemens Netherlands), Jeroen de Haas (chairman of the Executive Board at Eneco Holding), Peter Molengraaf (chairman of the Executive Board at Alliander) and Ullrich Wältken (former senior vice president at Boston Consulting Group Germany) are seated members.
Pier Nabuurs, chairman of the Executive Board at KEMA:
“We are very grateful for all of the work that Kees Wiechers and Rinse de Jong have done for KEMA. Both have greatly contributed to the growth that our company has experienced in recent years. At the same time, we are very pleased with the three new appointments to the Supervisory Board. We are convinced that they will play an important part in our subsequent international development.”


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